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Our People Make The Difference

We are a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life that have the unified desire to Be Responsible. 


At Revive IT's computer store, our people are our driving force. They are difference-makers, innovators, improvers, creatives and more!


If you believe you have something to add, check out our current opportunities below and let's see what you've got!


About Us

At Revive IT and our sister company ER2, we pride ourselves at being the best in the world at finding the value in everything that comes through our doors. We are conscious of our environment and continually sustain a zero-landfill impact. We are an ever-growing company and strive to maintain excellence in all that we do.  We are constantly improving and thinking outside the box by eliminating the waste we see!


Shortly after you submit your application, you will receive 2 emails from us. The first will be an email confirming that we received your app, and the next will be an email with next step instructions.  


This next step is an invite to take a brief (like... super brief! only 2 questions!) "About YOU" one-way video-interview. All applicants must complete this step in order to be considered further.


We get a ton of applicants, but unfortunately, not many of them are willing to put in any additional effort to get the job. However, that’s the “normal” applicant, and we hope that isn’t you! Ultimately, we just want to learn a little bit more about you.


So, look out for those emails! And we can't wait to hear what you have to say!


On this page, you'll see an example "About You" video from our CEO and Co-Owner, Chris Ko."


Thanks for your interest in joining our team! 


Please email us at if you need special assistance with your application.

What To Expect 


Every company has a different hiring process; for us, each role it could look different! However, in general as an ER2 candidate you can expect the following...



Submit your application. This includes your resume and answering any required application questions (i.e. re: background check, previous experience/certain skillset)



Complete the "About YOU" one-way video interview (You'll be sent an email invite to complete and consists of two questions)



Complete the second one-way video interview (You'll be sent an email invite to complete and consists of additional questions about the role and you)


Get ready for a phone and/or in-person interview with the hiring/department lead


You may be invited to a lunch/dinner meeting and/or trial day/project (Depending on the role)


Our team always looks forward to these days! It's our way of making sure you know exactly what to expect in the role you've applied for, get a feel for our culture, and provide our team members with the opportunity to get to know you better!

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