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The Revive IT Difference

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Refurbished vs. Used

Used computer resellers don't have standards their tech must meet before shipping to you. Our tech has every component tested to ensure your purchase lasts.

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We partner with Fortune 500 Companies around the globe, which allows us to maintain great quality for lower costs than your average reseller or refurbisher. 

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Backed By Warranty

Unlike most resellers and refurbishers, we provide a free warranty for the first year on any hardware-related issue. 











WIndows 10



Sometimes things break and buying a new computer is not going to happen. Our professional repair technicians are ready to troubleshoot and fix whatever may be causing the issue. Competitive pricing means getting up and running may be easier and faster than you think!


If you need assistance with software installation, we have the expertise to make it happen. If you need several machines imaged the same way, can take care of that, too.


We believe in the product so much that we will back our quality. All of our new and professionally refurbished computers come with a warranty that gives you peace of mind. In the rare case something does happen, we have your back.

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