AIO vs 2-in-1 vs Tablet

When you think about it, Desktop PCs are a miracle of the modern age, each one connecting us in ways we thought impossible mere decades ago. Today, however, the computer climate has changed, people want efficiency, portability, and a sleek form factor. After all, the average American spends 23.6 hours a week online, and up to 11 hours a day of general screen-time, and if we are going to spend that much time staring at our devices, we at least want them to look good!

Many people are now choosing to forego the tower all together, instead opting for more modern designs such as the All-in-One (AIO), the 2-in-1, and the ever-popular Tablet computer. When the time finally does come to recycle that old, noisy tower, and move on to something new, knowing your way around the different form factors and jargon can help empower you to make an informed purchase that is perfect for your individual computing needs.